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Dave's Fun Stuff Newsletters

Dave's Fun Stuff Radio Update August 22, 2014

Item 1: Raising Funds

There's been a lot of go-fund-me and kickstater campaigns aimed at raising money for the dementia community.

You can find me funding one of the projects for Dr. Don on gofundme.com. I donated $5. The fundraiser raised over $2,000. Tom Rockwell conducted the campaign.

Times are tough nowadays on dementoids and I'm no exception.

I do, however, have a few ways I can raise money to help fund other people's fundraisers.

All you have to do is to buy some David Tanny or Stupid Audio downloads.

For every five albums I sell on my bandcamp page (see Item 3 below), I will set aside $1 for a future fundraiser campaign. Also since the albums are priced at $7, I make only $1 in profit per album sold after bandcamp takes the $6 out of $7.

Item 2: The Reverb Store Is Closing

Reverb Nation is closing down its Reverb Stores after September 30, 2014.

If you want to grab the albums of mine in CD form, you better do it before then!

The albums "Instrumentals", "Crazy Commercials" and "Originals (2000-2012)" are available as whole physical albums until Sep 30. After that, the Store is no more.

Visit this site for the Reverb Store (Stupid Audio)

(Reverb Store is now closed forever. Sorry.)

Item 3: Visit Bandcamp For Downloads

There are six albums (download only) of mine available: "Originals", "Originals 2", "Crazy Commercials", "Crazy Commercials 2", "Instrumentals", and "Watch The Frog: The Album".

You can get the full albums or download a few of the tracks right here at


Item 4: Donate Cash to David Tanny

Running davesfunstuff (which turns 19 in September) costs money to operate. I use sales from Amazon to help pay for webhosting and domain registration expenses.

To help me pay for the expenses and to set aside some funds for another kickstarter or gofundme campaign, just go to one of these two sites.

4a: Get something through the Amazon link at
http://www.davesfunstuff.com/ or http://www.dfsxradio.com/.
When you click on the Amazon links through my websites named, I get credit for driving traffic to the Amazon website, and Amazon kicks back a small portion of their sales as my commission.

4b: Donate cash at
http://donate.davesfunstuff.com/. I can set aside $1 for every $5 you donate to a future fundraiser campaign and use the rest for webhosting expenses.

Item 5: Not-so-new album: Crazy Commercials 2

This album was originally released as part of the 10th Anniversary series a few years ago but was discontinued after 2011. Now it's back with a new title: "Crazy Commercials 2", making fun of well-known products, with wretched titles, such as the following:

Badyeqar Incomplete Auto Repair, Bronze Medal Flour, Crappy's Gags, Dorky's Human Control, Fish Heads and Chips '10, Gyppy Screwed, Hell's Fargo Bank, Horror Chili, NutriBrain, Sixty Dollar Burger, Tide with Pepsi, Tonight on Fox: 24, Turkey of the Ocean, Carhax, and more.

See Crazy Commercials 2 at

Item 6: Demented Music Poll '14.

Time's running out! We're still looking for song nominees to list for our resurrected Demented Music Poll '14. The deadline is fast approaching: November 15, 2014.

Don't let your favorite funny song or sketch be left out! Just get three of your friends including yourself to go to the Demented Music Poll page at...

Hints: Listen to all of the funny music countdowns heard on madmusic.com: Dementia Top 20 Revenge, A-Log of the Airwaves, and Ben's Wacky Radio for ideas on what songs to nominate if it's not already on the list. When I get three people to mention a song, I will take a listen to it, and if it fits the format, it's on the list as soon as the I Still Get Demented show plays it. I've gotten over 200 e-mails for song suggestions with only a few dozen getting mentions from two different people. The magic number is three. As soon as a particular song gets a third mention, I will review it. If it's a commercial parody, all I would need is one since ISGD is big on commercial parodies.

You can see the newer stuff ISGD played so far this year at...

That is all for now.

David Tanny

Older Stuff

Dave's Fun Stuff Radio Update Feb 18, 2014

Would you believe Feb 19, 2014 is the 25th anniversary of Dr. Demento playing a sketch "Michael Jackson Language Tape" by the Rich Brothers? I suggested the Rich Brothers Album to benefit the Cara Knott foundation in late December 1988.

Anyway, I finally got some news to share.

1. New Funny Song: "Me Want Cookie"

A few days ago when I was buying some Girl Scout cookies to support the locals, I heard a song on the radio by new wave group Bow Wow Wow singing "I Want Candy", a hit from 1982. It got me to thinking "I Want Cookie", then "Me Want Cookie", and from the inspiration, I came up with a new funny song inspired by the Girl Scouts.

Available at

3. I Still Get Demented

Website: http://www.madmusic.com/isgd.aspx

New shows added every week. Sometimes two a week. Now 2 hours long for faster listening. Duplication with other shows kept to a minimum.

4. The Del

The newest part of the almost 20-year-old Davesfunstuff family opened in December.

The Del (Dave's Entertainment Library) is about funny music, comedy, and other stuff in entertainment. It's growing all the time. Check it out here

http://comedy.davesfunstuff.com/ (for comedy acts)

5. New Album on Bandcamp March 4

One of my newest album collections drops March 4. Set your bookmark to

That is all for now. Cya.

Dave's Fun Stuff Newsletters

Dave's Fun Stuff Radio Update June 30, 2013

News about Dave's Fun Stuff Radio, the self-produced show "I Still Get Demented", David Tanny, and funny music in general.

Want Me to Fund a Kickstarter Campaign?

Through July 31, 2013, if you buy one of my old CDs, I'll donate $1 to a kickstarter campaign of your choice. The "backed project" will appear on my kickstarter page.


From there, you can see all of the projects I helped back up. As of today, none. My demented kitty is empty.

To see my three CDs I have, just go to http://www.sandiegoradionews.com/ and purchase "Yes Parking Anytime", or either of the two "10th Anniversary" CDs.

New Retro Break-In: Hey, Eight is Enough!

In 2012, Stupid Audio brought you two retro break-in recordings: "Hey, Three Stooges!", and "Hey, Mr. Kotter!"

This past June, SA brings you "Hey, Eight is Enough!" (a title as illiterate as "The Facts of Life Go To Paris"), where the (late?) reporter, John Paul Cameron, interviews ten different characters from that TV show. At the end of the interview, X-fighters appear from nowhere and aim their laser guns at him. What did John do to cause this? Listen to the recording on this edition of ISGD here:


Get the "Hey, Eight is Enough"! mp3 at...



Q: How Do You Vote for the ISGD FT30?

A: http://www.dfsxradio.com/

Rules: one vote per computer per week, and a minimum of two different voters to mention the same song in a seven day period from Fri 6pm-Fri 5:59pm. Additional forms from the same computer will not result in additional votes and will be tossed.

davidtanny.com update

One free download is now available directly on my site.

Last year's novelty song "Pat Sajak (is an Egg)" is available for download only at...


I Still Get Demented Updates

My weekly funny recording show "I Still Get Demented" now features five-minute News of the Weird segments for any station that wishes to have some filler programming.

Check them out on my latest editions of "ISGD" seen at...


I also have pages on facebook and twitter. Stalk me (joke) and Like them at...




Got Something For Me To Tweet?

Hire me to tweet your message to my 8,600 followers.

Details at...


Old CD Blowout!

Yes Parking Anytime:

Volume 7: Commercials:

Volume 1: Originals:

Just click on a link, log in to paypal.com, and fill out the form.

"I Still Get Demented" Now on Facebook

Join the funny recording world's newest group. Get reminders on when new episodes are posted and more. Art Farmer, my new partner, is posting the links and bulletins on my behalf since I'm giving up Facebook for Lent.

You can also post funny videos, promote your acts, see when the latest ISGD shows and playlists are posted, and more.

My co-moderator who's using a psuedonym I created, Art Farmer, is posting the playlists and other stuff on the group. I am aka Ant Farmer.


Dave's Fun Stuff Podcast Update


Feel free to download my podcasts and share them on youtube and other places. Just be sure to properly give credit to my podcast page at http://podcast.davesfunstuff.com/

Dave's Fun Stuff Newsletter Page

The Dave's Fun Stuff Newsletters now have a home! Updated with the latest news plus most of the highlights from past newsletters of importance.


Three David Tanny Albums

"Crazy Commercials" contains 39 commercial satires.

"Originals (2000-2012)" features remixes of the older funny songs plus some more recent material.

"Instrumentals" contains the background music used for my recordings.

Get them all here!


New David Tanny Funmentia Song "Computer Operator

As I mentioned a week ago, my new fun computer song "Computer Operator, a parody of Sade's 1985 smooth hit "Smooth Operator", made its worldwide debut on February 9, 2013, on an FCC-licensed low power radio station east of San Diego county, beaming 2 watts over the air and streaming worldwide on the Internet.

The song was first played by local Chris Carmichael, who has just begun to host his own radio show "Jack's Tracks" heard Saturday afternoons from 3-6pm. His dog Jack sniffs out and plays whatever he likes. He plays local artists, plus an assortment of light rock songs from his own CD collection.

Facebook review from Cheryl: "COMPUTER OPERATOR?!? hahahahaha love it!!!"

Check out the song Computer Operator here:

Radio deejays are free to stream the song on the radio stations.

New ISGD Shows Posted:


Check out the new shows posted each week on the madmusic.com link named. Each week, ISGD presents a mix of fun recordings the way I want to produce it for the first two hours and the way you want it for the last 30 minutes with the weekly Funderground Top Five, the top five songs of the weekly Funderground Top 30 survey.

Dave's Fun Stuff Radio Page

Simple wins. No complex scripts! It's all on one page!


There are links for streaming all of the episodes of "ISGD", see the playlists, join the DFSR group on Facebook, read the Demented Datebooks, visit Comedy Video Greats, search for any song, video, or whatever, donate cash, send songs and shout outs, send requests, and buy David Tanny albums. End of menu. Try it today.

Upcoming Topics for "ISGD"

Suggestions for topic:

TV stars moonlighting as singers

"Good" songs

The 80s as the subject.

Parodies of a genre of songs (new wave, hard rock, R&B, etc.) from any given decade.

Catching Up on Stuff!

Request, archives, Amazon search, more!

Need Some Used Cassette Tapes?

Older Older Stuff

ISGD's Top 100 of 2012

Listen to the ISGD Top 100 recordings of 2012:


#025 - Share It Maybe - Cookie Monster
#024 - 2012 - Jon Goodman
#023 - Avengers Disassembled (altered mix) - Chris Wolvie
#022 - Hey, Three Stooges! - David Tanny
#021 - Horizontal Surfaces! - Sean Morey
#020 - The Angry Birds Rap - Bshap
#019 - Major Tom (Coming Home) - William Shatner, Nick Valensi
#018 - Some Crappy Song I Used to Like - American Comedy Network
#017 - Lady Mondegreen - Bill Boll
#016 - The Picard Song - Dark Materia
#015 - American Idol - Dean Farnell
#014 - Titanic - Ryan Hopak and The Happy Chinchillas featuring Dana Shaw
#013 - Romney and Bain - Jimmy Fallon
#012 - Star Wars Cantina - Mark Jonathan Davis
#011 - What Kind Of Dog Are You? - Billy Jonas
#010 - Sexy and I Know It - Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young
#009 - Pat Sajak (is an Egg) - David Tanny
#008 - Garden Of Your Mind (PBS Digital Remix) - Mister Rogers Remixed by John D. Boswell
#007 - Study Hard Anthem - GZee Productions
#006 - Double D Cups - Cledus T. Judd
#005 - Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed) - Devo
#004 - I'm Gassy and I'm Bloated - Eric "Smooth-E" Schwartz
#003 - Cheap Flights - Fascinating Aida
#002 - Party Like Charlie Sheen - Scuzz Twittly
#001 - Keep On Cooking (PBS Digital Remix) - Julia Child

ISGD Favorites By Category for 2012

ISGD plays what should be played for fans of funny music, plain and simple, because, we'll, we're just that. Plain and simple. Good enough. Here's the nominees for 2012:

Favorite Original Funny Song of 2012

Cheap Flights - Fascinating Aida
Pat Sajak (is an Egg) - David Tanny
Lady Mondegreen - Bill Boll
Horizontal Surfaces! - Sean Morey
Balls In Your Mouth - Jimmy Fallon featuring Eddie Vedder

Favorite Parody of 2012

I'm Gassy and I'm Bloated - Eric "Smooth-E" Schwartz
Double D Cups - Cledus T. Judd
Study Hard Anthem - GZee Productions
Some Crappy Song I Used to Like - American Comedy Network
Holiday Shaving Cream - Joel Samberg

Favorite Spoken Word Recording of 2012

2012 - Jon Goodman
Hey, Three Stooges! - David Tanny
Election 2012 - Jon Goodman f/ Dickie Goodman
Verizon 4G LTE - NBC's Saturday Night Live
Convention 2012 - The Pun-Dits

Favorite Remix of Spoken Word

Keep On Cooking (PBS Digital Remix) - Julia Child
Garden Of Your Mind (PBS Digital Remix) - Mister Rogers Remixed by John D. Boswell
Happy Little Clouds (PBS Digital Remix) - Bob Ross

Favorite Act of 2012

Jimmy Fallon
Billy Jonas
The Key of Awesome
William Shatner
Jeff Foxworthy

Favorite Funny Video of 2012

Lady Mondegreen - Bill Boll
Share It Maybe - Cookie Monster
The Angry Birds Rap - Bshap
Puttin' on the Ritz: Young Frankenstein Mix - Taco f/ Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle
Double D Cups - Cledus T. Judd

Favorite Funny Album of 2012

"Them Idiots Whirled Tour" - Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy (tracks will be first played in 2013)
"Blow Your Pants Off" - Jimmy Fallon
"Seeking Major Tom" - William Shatner (released in 2011, tracks first played in 2012)
"Live From Outer Space" - Carla Ulbrich (released in 2009, tracks first played in 2012)
"Happy Accidents" - Billy Jonas (released in 2010, tracks first played in 2012)

New David Tanny Recordings for 2012 ...

Yes, it's past 2012, but we'll keep this up anyway on my Dave's Fun Stuff Newsletter page at http://www.davesfunstuff.com/newsletter.htm

A Christmas Mess-Up

The Cat Got Hit-A Poem

The Army/Air Force Comedy Hour Promo

Hey, Mr. Kotter!

Detonation (The Works Bomb Song)

Eight is Enough (Bust and Daver's mix)

Head (Live Mix) About a zombie. Great for Halloween!

Hey, Three Stooges!

Save the Game Shows (Mock PSA)

Pat Sajak (is an Egg)

(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right To Be Funny

David Tanny's New Holiday Cut-Up

It's called A Christmas Mess-Up

In this break-in recording, "Daniel" gets to do the talking, while excerpts of David Tanny's recordings help fill out the shortened telling of Twas the Night Before Christmas. Influenced by Whimsical Will's "Christmas Cut-Up" recording from 1985.

This break-in contains excerpts from my material such as "I'm Doing Nothing For Christmas", "Dorky's Human Control", "Centipede", "The Three Stooges", "Morgan's Mortuary", "NutriBrain", "The Equimas Song", "All Out of Pups", "Eight is Enough", "Fish Heads and Chips '10", "Mac vs. PC vs. Stan", "Watching Space Ghost", "aka The Buffy Rap", and more.

This won't get played on many funny music shows besides ISGD so if you want to hear it in full, you need to tune in to the ISGD #12-50 show and select the Bonus segment


Note that it is the #12-50 all Hanukkah novelty show. The Bonus segment is independent of the main show.

David Tanny's New Break-In Recording: "Hey, Mr. Kotter!"

New Dickie Goodman-inspired break-in recording.

My new break-in piece in time for back to school, "Hey, Mr. Kotter", made its debut on the September 8 "ISGD" show, which you can hear for free at this link. (it kicks off hour two)


For song details, you can check it out here. The piece runs over seven minutes long.


This break-in piece I created should have been thought of by the late Dickie Goodman in 1975, but I produced the 2012 recording using all excerpts of recordings from 1975.

I did some research at Wikipedia and rediscovered that Babarino was a Star Trek fan, so I included a Star Drek answer to one of the questions that was asked to Vinnie. This piece is dedicated to the memories of Ron Pallilo and Robert Hegyes, two of the original cast members who played the Sweathogs that died in 2012.

If you listen to the first four song-excerpts provided as answers to the questions, they are the same as those used in Goodman's "Mr. Jaws" recording, also paying homage to his contribution to funny recordings.

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