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1995: The Demented Year in Review

A list of all the new songs that debut on Dr. Demento's radio show during the year 1995.

Some interesting new music that highlighted Dr. Demento in 1995:

  "Pants", the title track in the style of house music is taken off their
new CD by Corky and the Juice Pigs. They're at 6708 Portland St.  Suite 7,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and here's one of those Canadian-style zip codes
you must also use: M5V 2M9
  "Bugs", by Pearl Jam from the album "Vitology" which has among other
things become the best selling vinyl (yes, I did say vinyl) album in a long
long time.
  "(G$%-D#@& I Hate) Microsoft Word", a popular demented ditty by Paul
Anderson that hit the Funny Five several times in early 1995.
  "Blind Willie Feldman", from the eighth CD from The Royal Canadian Air
Farce: "Unplugged and Uncorked"
  "Buiding For The Future", by The Foremen who are becoming well known for
their excellent political and social satire. Their musical style is kinda
like an reminiscent of an early 1960's folk group. Their CD recorded live at
Luna Park is called "Play It Loud", their newest CD.
  "The Talkin' Seatte Grunge Rock Blues", by Todd Snider topped the Funny
Five a few times. 
  "Rock Rap part II", by Whimsical Will based on the original "Rock Rap" he
put together back in circa 1988. A story based on the names of groups in
singers. This one is pretty good.
  "Hell Froze Over Today", by The ForeMen was another gem that deserved
more airplay. 
  "What is a Man?", about Newt you-know-who by The ForeMen
  "A Whole Newt World", parody of the song "A Whole New World" in the
Aladdin movie by The Capitol Steps, was a mainstay of the Funny Five for a
  "She Left Me For A Destitute Quadraplegic Because Of The Good Sex", by
Mr. Zipp was a fun ditty.
  "Woodstock", by The Amazing Onion Heads.
  "Talkin' To Ralph On The Big White Phone", by Morning Wood which is a
duo: Paul Wood and John Milne, formerly of The Toons.
  "Falling in Line with Newt", by Loose Bruce Kerr, who went back to law
school and become a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy cases. It's a parody
of Elvis's song you-know-what. 
  "There Ain't No Left Left", by The Foremen was a fun tune to march to in
military boot camp. 
    Lyrics: "There ain't no left, left. There's only the right left,
There's only the right and further right (marchers repeat last line), And
further right and further right (marchers repeat), The left has right the
left and only the right is left...." 
  "Stupid Day Job", by Wally Pleasant from his CD "Houses of the Holy Moly"
also has a funny song about Bob Dylan on it.
  "Song For Bob Dylan", by Wally Pleasant
  "My Generation #2", by Todd Snider from his CD on the MCA label
  "Big Fat Road Manager", by The Arrogant Worms.
  "Wet and Naked", by Joe Keefe.
  "The Post-Graduate Over-educated Out-of-Work Blues", by Wally Pleasant.
  "Dead", by Harry Jeremy.
  "Newt or Bob", by Tim Cavanaugh
  "O.J.-O", a parody of Harry Belafonte's "Day-O" by Loose Bruce Kerr, a
singing attorney who once toured as a popular club entertainer but is now
practicing law in the bay area who was tempted to write a song about the
trial of the millienium. This was soooo popular too.
  "Cotton-Eye Joe", a #1 hit from Europe and rising up the US charts as
well by Rednex from Sweden. Country goes techno! 
  "The Man With Massive Toenails", unreleased by Chuck Lucky and The
Gentlemen of Leisure, specialist in vocal harmonies and other demented
  "I Was Conceived at Woodstock", by The Sad Pack. They're at PO Box 864,
St. Joseph, MO 64502 
  "Rock and Roll RIP (1994 version)", by Steven Banks. Note the mention of
Kurt Cobain in it.
  "Blow 'Em Away", a bluesy tune by Chuck Brodsky. A song about perilous
driving in the 1990s. It's from his CD "A Finger Painters Murals".
  "Chicks Dig Me 'Cuz I Bowl" (or is it 'Cause?), bluesy style by Ritt Henn.
Another way to take out your aggresion and meet the opposite sex too at
least according to this song.
  "Is There A Bathroom In Bolinas", by Pat Sojourner, you might remember
her "Rockin' in the Rest Home". Pat has her own CD out, lots of fun songs in
it too. 
  "Date Rape" by Sublime from Long Beach. A slice of life in the 1990s,
though it's been around all along, it's not talked about much.
  "Random Drug Testing", by Cub Coda from his CD "Ab-a-dab-ba-dabba".
  "Enhanced Florence Henderson", by The Rudy Schwartz Project from their
excellent new CD called "Gunther Packs a Stiffy". She's got Wessonality so
to speak.
  "The Roto Whirl", by Laurie Anderson has a new CD "The Ugly One With
Jewels and Other Stories" a first in some time. She is the storyteller in
the album with some great stories with twists to tell. Highly reccomended
by The Doctor himself. 
  "That Name Dropper" by Steve Kaheela. What happened that night at the
Roseanne Barr? Was Oscar Wilde? Was Gene Wilder? Did Alistair Cooke, or was
Kevin Bacon? Why was Betty White? Who did Chevy Chase? etc. etc. An instant
funny five hit IMHO! Steve is a member of The Groundlings, a well known
improv comedy company in Los Angeles. There's a new CD out of comedy bits by
various Groundlings and it's called "7307 Melrose Avenue", which happens to
be the address of the Groundlings Theatre in LA. That CD is available from
"Amusya" Records at P.O. Box 2335, Venice, CA 90294. This deserved to be a
Funny Five fav. Very witty writing. 
  "Everything Reminds Me of My Therapist" by Nancy Tucker. This one topped
the Demento charts often. 
  "The House That O.J. Built", by The Capitol Steps which sounds like a
takeoff of Mister Roger's Neighborhood. It may be on their next CD.
  "Rats In My Kitchen", by The Amazing DeLores from her CD "Stop Messing
With My Mind" on the Upstart label distributed by Rounder.
   "Daves I Know", by Bruce McCullough, a Canandian comedian from his album
"Shame-Based Man" soon to be in stores. Hey Bruce, get to know THIS Dave! :)
   "Nigel", by Groovehandle. CAUTION: He doesn't have any pants on!!!
       (play the Psycho theme music while a lady screams in terror!)
  "Answering Machine" by Bruce McCullouch who's on a major label. It's from
his CD "Shame-Based Man". 
  "Let's Neuter Newt", by Neal and Leandra live in Minneapolis.  Redhouse
records are at 1-800-695-4687.
  "Dead Elephant Dance", by Chuck Lucky and his Gentlemen of Leisure.
That was a jazzy funny number.
  "Trial Of The Century", by Cal and The Media Hounds, another one of those
Dickie Goodman interview types. 
  "Living In America", by Feo y Loco, who did an album "Politically
  "Oh No", by Christine Lavin, from her CD "Please Don't Make Me Too
  "The All-Collision, All-Explosion Song", by John Hartford who has a new
CD out "The Walls We Bounce Off Of" is on a label Small Dog A Barkin'
  "Waiting For The B Train", by Christine Lavin from her latest CD "Please
Don't Make Me Too Happy". 
  "The Rolling Kidney Stones", by The Capitol Steps on their new CD "A
Whole Newt World."
  "Suzie Uzi", by Katfish Rowe from their CD "This is Americana".
  "So Far So Good", by Andy Breckman about a man falling to his death but
since he hasn't splattered yet, so far so good. 
  "Sexual Harassment", by John Hartford from his latest CD "The Walls We
Bounce Off Of", a lot of whimsical lyrics in the album with John doing
old-time fiddle and banjo country style.
  "Vampire Bat", by Wesley Willis of Chicago (the city, not the music
group!). It's a song about a different kind of a bat. He has his "Greatest
Hits" CD out, his first ever national release. He has written over 400
songs and released over 20 albums with ten albums released in less than a
year. Thanks to John Rosner of Bicycle Records for alerting DrD to that
  "That's Mathematics", by Tom Lehrer, who is our 2nd most request artist
of all time here. As many of you know, Tom Lehrer abruptly retired from
performing and recording at the height of his fame in the 1960s. He just
didn't care that much at all for that life of a professional entertainer.
Teaching is what he loves, and still does, mathematics is his primary
subject. When some of the top mathematicians of the world gathered for a
1993 symposium, Tom wrote and recorded a song which was used for a bit in a
video documentary about the gathering. That was the year that a
mathematician named Andrew Wiles proved Fermat's last theorum. According to
Tom Lehrer, who duly mentions it in his song, that was the mathematical
event of the century. And he celebrates that and the subject that he loves
with that song. Sung and played on the piano by Tom Lehrer, recorded Oct 22,
1993, thanks so much to Tom Lehrer for sending us that tape, and thanks to
all the dementites who wrote or e-mailed DrD (he said e-mailed me) about it.
The word started getting around about its existance.
  "O.J. Bologna", a parody of "Oklahoma!" by SuLu
  "Hole In The Bucket, Dear Liza", by Spearhead from their CD "Home".
  "Gingrich, The Newt", by The Austin Lounge Lizards from their latest CD
"Small Minds" on The Watermelon label.  
  "Rain Forrest", by Kell M. Crumb, a radio personality in Springfield,
Ohio. It's what happens when Rain Man meets Forrest Gump.
  "Hey Batman '95", by Whimsical Will, his 10th annual summer movie
tribute, this time, in honor of the movie "Batman Returns". Topped the
Funny Five a few times. 
  "I Kissed A Girl", by Jill Sobule was an alternative rock hit.
  "Carrot Juice Is Murder", by The Arrogant Worms was another big
favorite in 1995.
  "The Three Jerrys", by Lester McFwap and the Players To Be Named Later on
a CD we hope later this year. 
  A new CD is out that's devoted entirely to songs about the O.J. Simpson
trial. It's called "The Trial of the Century", which is about how long the
thing is gonna take sometimes. The CD has songs like "Won't You Go Home Lee
Bailey?", "Hello Ito, Hello Jerry" ala Alan Sherman, and more.
  "The O.J. Chorus", sung to the tune of Halleujah by Nick Turner
  "Media Rhapsody", sung to Daffy Duck's Rhapsody, which was sung to
something I cannot think of by Nick Turner.
  "The Rotten Banana Song", the latest from Texas A&M University singing
biology Professor Sneaky Pete.
  "I Like Boys", by Sasse (with the accent on the 'e'), the artist formerly
known as Judy Tenuta. That is a more creative way of renaming yoursef than
what Prince did when he renamed himself as the stupid unpronouncable symbol.
  "Butthead" (studio recording), by Jim Infantino. A few months ago, he
sang that song live he written at that time, and he just recorded the song
with his band Jim's Big Ego.
  "The Grunge Song", by Radio Free Vestibule, a comedy group from Montreal;
Vestibule is where all the radios got stolen, so it's Radio Free.
  "Doors", by Bruce McCullouch of The Kids In The Hall from his album
"Shame Based Man". DrD went to an aquarium one day and he saw a creature
there called a Shame Faced Crab. That's its real name. You kinda guessed
where Bruce got the inspiration for his album for his title above.
   Doors Fan: "Uh, you know that new album by "Duran Duran"? It sucks. You
heard of that soundtrack from that "Porkyhontas" movie or something? It
also sucks. You know those Demento Reports that David Tanny posts here? I
never seen them, but if I ever do, they will also suck. You know why? They
don't have any "Doors" songs in them. That's what. Cuz I am a Doors fan!"
  "The Streak" (LIVE), a remake of the 1974 classic by Ray Stevens.  It's
from his CD "Ray Stevens Live" 
  "The Trial Of The Century?" (that's with a question-mark in the title),
by Scott Beach, who patterned it after his other song "Religion and
  "I Am A Squid", by Paul Anderson, was a parody of a Simon and Garfunkel
tune "I Am A Rock" 
  "You're A Hamburger", by Radio Free Vestibule, from their CD "Sketches,
Songs, and Shoes".
  "The Car Alarm", by Radio Free Vestibule from their new CD. 
  "Sisko's Kid", by Dave Atherton. It's the first song based on the series
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". The kid (Jake) is played by Cirroc Lofton.
  "Boobs and Butts on the Beach", by Derelicks reminiscent of the hit
  "Lorena", by Doo-Doo Wah about you-know-who.
  "Bulbous Bouffant", by Radio Free Vestibule, was another happy sketch that
hit the top often in the fall.
  "Scatman", by Scatman John, a monster hit in England and all over Europe.
It's hip.
  "Party All Night With Little Texas and Scott Rouse", by Jeff Foxworthy
from his new CD "Games Rednecks Play"
  "A Donde Esta El Bano?", por Max Gringo de su nuevo CD "No Problema" en
Servesia Registro, 107 Oeste Tercero Calle, Corona, CA Nueve Uno Siete
Dos Cero. Gracias para Stuart Paul de Long Beach para mandar ese uno
   Whoops, my Spanish translator is stuck. Let's try that one again.
  "Can You Say Where's The Bathroom?", by Max Gringo from their new CD "No
Problema" on Servesia Records, 107 West Third Street, Corona, CA 91720.
Thanks to Stuart Paul of Long Beach for sending that one along.
  "The Wall Martt Polka", by The Cabalas, CD is called "Martinis and
Bagels". They came up with songs like "The Planet of the Apes Polka" and
"Death Takes an Ibupofin".
  "Donahue's Perfect Guest", by Planet Wank and the Satellites. Their new
CD is what they call a hick opera, about a journey of two men from
Pennsylvania in search of the ultimate church basement dinner. These two
men also do a morning radio show.
  NEW VERSION! "Do The Clinton", by The Foremen
  "Shoot! There it is!", by Shad Rap, those guys are the original Wisconsin
rappers, a shotgun parody of "Whoomp! There It Is"
  "Firing the Surgeon General", by The Foremen. A new song from their new
CD called "Folk Heroes", not to be confused with their earlier independent
CD which was also called "Folk Heroes".
  The 25th anniversary of Dr. Demento brought us "Doesn't He Make You
Wanna" by Art Barnes and "Horray For Dr. D" by Sulu. He also aired
highlights of some of the interviews he did over the years and counted
down the top 25 demented artists of all time. 
  "Zombie Stomp", by Elvira Mistress Of The Dark, off her new CD "Revenge
of the Monster Hits" with more new songs sung by her. Guest Elvira
on one of his shows explaind that this song was co-helped by one of her
dearest fiends, Fred Schneider (Monster) from the B-52s, a sort of a
macabe version of Rock Lobster. 
  "Let There Be Guns", by The Arrogant Worms, the guys who told us that
Carrot Juice Is Murder.
  "The Night They Dug Up Elvis Presley", by Stuart Paul, which is so far
unreleased. You may remember him for his song "Teenage Romance". 
  "Goober's Got A Girlfriend", by The Ziggins from Orange County, CA. 
Their new CD "Chicken Out" will amuse you in all kinds of ways. It's on
the "Skunk Record" label. (Yeah, make up yet another bizarre record label
name), the same label that brought us Sublime.
  "Happy Happy Birthday Song", by The Arrogant Worms
  "St. George And The Internet", by Whimsical Will
  "One Chord Songs", by Nate Bucklin
  "The Harley Song", by Rob Paravonian on his CD "Don't Crowd The Plow" as
in a Chicago Snowplow
  "My Dog Is Looking For Love (In All The Wrong Places)", by Loose Bruce
Kerr, the singing attorney. 
  "Kirk And Spock", Star Trek dementia by D.J. Dave of Cleveland affilliate
WNCX. It's a twisted splice-up that's too funny to describe here.
  "Jingle Hell", by Angry Young Grandparents from their EP.
  "I Met Santa On The Internet", by Li'l Hank.
  "The Jingle Bells Boogie", by The Jingle Dogs, from the producer of the
Jingle Cats, not to be confused with the Singing Dogs. Excellent album.
  "Holy S--- It's Christmas!", by Red Peters from his album "I Laughed, I
Cried, I Fudged In My Undies" without the bleeps.
  "Hanukkah Song", by Adam Sandler, which will be on his next album
whenever he puts it out. It came out last year.
  "The Nightly Santa Report", by Tom Dark.
  "Santa's Long Johns", by Joe Pickering
  "Santa The Red-Nosed Drunkard", by Slant Six and The Jumpstarts
  "Real Cool Yule", by Gary Warden

The Obituary Parade of 1995

Now that 1995 is coming to a close, let's recap some of the famous people who left us this past year. We lost many funny personalities that helped shape the face of culture. Also included were the deaths not related to comedy, but they really injured our spirits no matter what field of interest you specialize. JANUARY Brooks Stevens, designer of trains, Jeeps, a classic Harley-Davidson and the Oscar Meyer "wienermobile." Jan. 4. Age 83. Peter Cook, the acerbic comedian credited with founding contemporary British satire with the 1960s revue "Beyond the Fringe" and later teamed up with Dudley Moore. Jan. 9. Age 57. Gastrointestinal hemorrhage. George Price, a cartoonist whose odd characters appeared in the New Yorker magazine for more than 50 years. Jan. 12. Age 93. George Abbott, a Broadway legend who earned a Pulitzer Prize and scores of other honors while writing, directing, producing or acting in more than 120 plays. Jan. 31. Age 107. Stroke. FEBRUARY: Donald Pleasence, who played a variety of odd, sinister characters that included the malodorous tramp in Harold Pinter's "The Caretaker." Feb. 2. Age 75. MARCH: Vivian Stanshall, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band co-founder, March 5, Age 51. Singer Eazy-E, whose pioneer "gangsta" rap group N.W.A. brought the brutal rhythms and raw rhymes of the inner-city to the world at large. March 26. Age 31. AIDS. Selena, Grammy-award winning singer whose fame was equated to Madonna by many Mexican-American teen-agers. March 31. Age 23. Shot to death; her former fan club president was later convicted. APRIL: Burl Ives, the balladeer and actor who played Big Daddy in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and delighted generations of children singing favorites like "Jimmy Crack Corn." April 14. Age 85. Cancer. Social Security administrators, highway builders, drug investigators, and a 1-year-old girl named Baylee whose death captured the nation's heart. April 19. Oklahoma City bombing. More than 260 million Americans were injured. Howard Cosell, whose caustic "tell it like it is" style made him the world's most celebrated sportscaster and turned "Monday Night Football" into a national institution. April 22. Age 77. Heart embolism. Ginger Rogers, the glamorous blonde who made dance magic with Fred Astaire in a string of unforgettable musicals and won an Academy Award for best actress for "Kitty Foyle." April 25. Age 83. Art Fleming, the original host of television's "Jeopardy!" April 25. Age 70. Pancreatic cancer. MAY: Thomas Anthony Harris, psychiatrist who wrote the 1969 book, "I'm OK-You're OK." May 4. Age 85. Elizabeth Montgomery, the suburban sorceress who cast spells with a twitch of her nose on TV's "Bewitched." May. 18. Reference books put her age at 62, but her family said she was 57. Cancer. Isadore "Friz" Freleng, animator of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and a host of other lovable Warner Bros. cartoon characters. May 26. Age 89. JUNE: Walter Frehm, who drew the syndicated Ripley's Believe It Or Not cartoon feature for 30 years. June 2. Age 89. J. Presper Eckert, chief engineer and co-inventor of the first large-scale, general purpose, electronic digital computer. June 3. Age 76. Cancer. Lana Turner, the sweater girl turned glamorous star of films such as "The Postman Always Rings Twice," whose discovery at a soda fountain became Hollywood legend. June 29. Age 75. Cancer. Gale Gordon, actor whose comic pomposity brightened "Our Miss Brooks" and three Lucille Ball series. June 30. Age 89. Cancer. JULY: Wolfman Jack, the rock 'n' roll disc jockey whose gravelly voice and wolf howls made him one of the nation's most recognizable personalities. July 1. Age 57. Helen J. Boiardi, who with her husband helped make Chef Boy-ar-dee products a dinnertime staple. July 3. Age 90. Eva Gabor, sister of Zsa Zsa Gabor and an actress best known for playing a farm-bound socialite on television's "Green Acres." July 4. Age 74. Respiratory problems. Dorothy McHugh, whose plaintive cry "I've fallen and I can't get up" made a national success of a medical calling device and spawned countless spoofs. July 19. Age 87. Charlie Rich, silver-haired balladeer who topped the country charts with "Behind Closed Doors" and "The Most Beautiful Girl." July 25. Age 62. Blood clot in the lungs. AUGUST: Mike Condello, songwriter for Phoenix's Wallace and Ladmo Show in the 1960s. Aug. Age ?. Suicide. Ida Lupino, the violet-eyed actress who starred with Humphrey Bogart in "High Sierra" and gained fame as a director when women directors were rare. Aug. 3. Age 77. Jerry Garcia, the mellow spirit who led the Grateful Dead since the psychedelic 1960s and helped make the rock band a way of life for its hordes of nomadic fans. Aug. 9. Age 53. Heart attack. Phil Harris, singer, bandleader and comic who teamed with Jack Benny on radio and was the voice of Baloo the bear in Disney's "The Jungle Book." Aug. 11. Age 89. Mickey Mantle, Yankees baseball superstar and idol to millions in the '50s and '60s. Aug. 13. Age 63. Liver cancer. John Cameron Swayze, a pioneering television anchorman who later became a pitchman for Timex watches. Aug. 15. Age 89. Joseph Priestly McCarthy, king of Detroit's morning drive-time radio for more than 30 years. Aug. 16. Age 62. Blood disorder. Howard Koch, who wrote the radio script for "War of the Worlds" and won an Oscar for the screenplay of "Casablanca." Pneumonia. Aug. 17. Age 93. Ronnie White, one of the founders of the Motown group The Miracles who cowrote the songs "My Girl" and "My Guy." Aug. 26. Age 57. Evelyn Wood, whose speed reading courses taught millions to whiz through the written word. Aug. 26. Age 86. Frank Perry, director of "David and Lisa" and "Mommie Dearest." Aug. 29. Age 65. Prostate cancer. SEPTEMBER: Jeremy Brett, television's Sherlock Holmes. Sept. 12. Age 59. Heart failure. Grady Sutton, comic actor in dozens of '30s movies. Sept. 17. Age 89. Orville Redenbacher, whose devotion to creating and promoting a fluffier, tastier popcorn turned him into a bow-tied advertising icon. Sept. 19. Age 88. Heart attack. Dick Steinberg, the general manager of the New York Jets and one of the National Football League's top personnel specialists for a quarter century. Sept. 25. Age 60. Cancer. OCTOBER: Edward Lowe, who nearly 50 years ago improved the lives of cat owners by inventing Kitty Litter. Oct. 4. Age 75. Dick Jurgens, a leading composer and bandleader during the Big Band era. Oct. 5. Age 85. Cancer. Louis Meyer, the first three-time winner of the Indianapolis 500. Oct. 7. Age 91. Patric Walker, an astrologer whose syndicated newspaper column was read by millions. Oct. 8. Age 64. Salmonella poisoning. David McLean, an actor who appeared for many years as a "Marlboro Man" in TV commercials. Oct. 12. Age 73. Lung cancer. Shannon Hoon, whose smooth, high-pitched vocals took the alternative rock group Blind Melon to the top of the charts. Oct. 21. Age 28. Drug overdose. Maxene Andrews, one-third of the Andrews Sisters who cheered Americans during World War II with "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and a string of other swing hits. Oct. 21. Age 79. Heart attack. Bobby Riggs, the consummate tennis hustler who won his greatest fame by losing to Billie Jean King in the "Battle of the Sexes." Oct. 25. Age 77. Prostate cancer. Viveca Lindfors, a Swedish-born actress whose stage and screen career spanned more than half a century. Oct. 25. Age 74. Terry Southern, a satirical novelist and screenwriter whose works, like "Dr. Strangelove" and "Easy Rider," captured the spirit of the '60s. Oct. 29. Age 71. NOVEMBER: Florence Greenberg, recording executive who helped discover the Shirelles, the Kingsmen and other acts of the 1960s and '70s. Nov. 1. Age 82. Stroke. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the war hero turned political leader who fearlessly pursued peace with the Palestinians. Nov. 4. Age 73. Assassination. Melvin "Slappy" White, a dancer and comedian who worked with Redd Foxx and was married to Pearl Bailey and Laverne Baker. Nov. 7. Age 74. Country Dick Montana, singer and drummer of The Beat Farmers. Nov. 8. Age 40. Acute aneurism? Jack Finney, whose novels included the cult classics "The Body Snatchers" and "Time and Again." Nov. 14. Age 84. Pneumonia. Sidney Amber, a survivor of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake who celebrated his 109th birthday in January by reciting poetry on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Nov. 17. Age 109. Louis Malle, filmmaker in both his native France and Hollywood whose "Atlantic City" and "Au Revoir Les Enfants" showed his partiality for human characters over superhuman plots. Nov. 23. Age 63. Lymphoma. Junior Walker, one of popular music's premiere saxophonists and leader of the Motown group Junior Walker and the All Stars. Nov. 23. Age in his 50s. Cancer. DECEMBER: Roxie Roker, who played Helen Willis, half of one of TV's earliest interracial couples in "The Jeffersons" TV series. Dec. 2. Age 66. Clair C. Patterson, whose analysis of lead isotopes in the early 1950s put the age of the solar system at approximately 4.6 billion years. Dec. 5. Age 73. Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan, who became an instant folk hero in 1938 when he "mistakenly" flew solo across the Atlantic after authorities told him he couldn't. Dec. 9. Age 88. Vivian Blaine, who played Miss Adelaide, the long-suffering chorus girl, in the Broadway and film versions of "Guys and Dolls." Dec. 9. Age 74. Pneumonia. Darren Robinson, a 450-pound rap star with the trio the Fat Boys. Dec. 10. Age 28. Robert Shelton, a music critic who championed the talents of Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and a host of other singers and musicians. Dec. 11. Age 69. Stroke. Dean Martin, Rat pack entertainer, crooner, comedian, actor. Dec 25. Agr 78. R.I.P.

Events in 1995

01/01, The last "The Far Side" appeared as cartoonist Gary Larsen retired the strip begun in 1980.

01/05, "They're All Gonna Laugh At You!" album by Adam Sandler was certified Gold by the RIAA

01/05, "You Might Be A Redneck If ..." album by Jeff Foxworthy was certified Platinum by the RIAA

01/06, "The Kids In The Hall" TV Comedy Variety last aired on CBS.

01/08, "House of Buggin'" starring comedian John Leguizamo (TV Comedy Variety) premiered on Fox TV.

01/09, British comedian Peter Cook died in London at age 57.

01/12, The Allman Brothers Band, Al Green, the late Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, Al Green, Neil Young, The Orioles and the late Frank Zappa are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

01/14, on the cover of TV Guide: "cast of Voyager, John Leguizamo". Other Articles: Hit Cable Shows, Due South

01/16, a sixth television network, UPN, by Paramount debuts; it is launched with a two-hour premiere of scifi adventure "Star Trek: Voyager" starring Kate Mulgrew as the captain.

01/24, Dan Aykroyd, Jim Belushi, Jon Bon Jovi and James Brown performed at a Los Angeles tribute to John Belushi on the 46th anniversary of his birth.

02/03, "Cotton Eye Joe" single by The Rednex was released

02/04, on the cover of TV Guide: "Jerry Seinfeld, Roseanne". Other Articles: Glenn Close, Febuary Sweeps

02/13, Howard Stern's morning radio show debuts in Tijuana-San Diego on XETRA-FM (not KIOZ 105.3 according to another source, however, Stern did move to KIOZ in 1997 after Jacor bought the station, and moved Howard over there due to the Mexican Government's intolerance of Howard's honest opinions about the "corrupt country" he was referring to Mexico as.)

02/14, "You Might Be A Redneck If..." video by Jeff Foxworthy was released

02/17, the movie "The Brady Bunch Movie" was released in the movie theaters in USA.

02/17, "Short Short Man" single by 20 Fingers Featuring Gillette was certified Gold by the RIAA

03/06, 9th American Comedy Award: Rodney Dangerfield wins.

03/08, "Christmas Comedy Classics" album by Various was certified Gold

03/19, D.T. met Yasmine Bleeth (of Baywatch, now in Nash Bridges) in an auto exposition in San Diego where he got some of his questions answered, a few snapshots, and an autograph in the program. What a sweetie!

03/21, the best show on TV that hardly anyone watched, "NewsRadio" (not a service of Clear Channel Worldwide) premieres on NBC. Dave Foley, Phil Hartman, Andy Dick, Maura Tierney, Khandi Alexander, Joe Rogan, Vicki Lewis and Stephen Root star. Dave Nelson heads to New York for a new job as news director of WNYX, on "NewsRadio," in the first of 87 timeslots on NBC.

03/22, "New Age Girl" single by Deadeye Dick was certified Gold by the RIAA

03/25, on the cover of TV Guide: "David Letterman, Oscar". Other Articles: Chicago Hope, Outer Limits

03/27, David Letterman hosted the Academy Awards. Four words: "Oprah, Uma ... Uma, Oprah." His performance was so bad in his own opinion (D.T. missed the show, he was out buying a new car instead), that he made his performance the butt of his own monologue jokes.

03/27, D.T. bought himself a new car on this day, his fourth, replacing his third, which replaced his second, which replaced his first, which replaced his mom's, which replaced his dad's, which replaced his 10-speed, which replaced his 5-speed, which replaced his 3-speed, which replaced his tricycle, which replaced his....ok, you got the joke!

03/28, "Dr. Demento Gooses Mother" was released on Rhino.

04/11, Gary Owens, announcer of numerous TV programs including "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In", radio disk jockey and cartoon vocist, notably "Space Ghost", is inducted into the NAB Hall of Fame.

04/20, "You Might Be A Redneck If..." video by Jeff Foxworthy was certified Gold and Platinum by the RIAA

05/09, "Cotton Eye Joe" single by The Rednex was certified Gold by the RIAA

05/18, actress Elizabeth Montgomery (TV's "Bewitched") died of colon cancer at her home in Beverly Hills, California; she was 63. Russian ballet dancer-turned-actor Alexander Godunov ("Witness," "The Money Pit," "Die Hard") was found dead in his West Hollywood condominium from alcohol abuse coupled with complications from hepatitis; he was 45.

05/22, the cast of "Laverne and Shirley" gets back together for a 20th anniversary reunion special, which would make the celebration aired a few weeks ago on ABC a highly meaningful 27th.

05/26, Warner Brothers animator Friz Freleng died at the age of 86.

05/28, comics Bill Braudis and Dom Irrera are the first to hit the couch as "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist" opens his practice for the first of 78 sessions on Comedy Central. Dr. Katz's son Ben sends off $2,999.99 to a mail order company in the hopes of breeding pot-bellied pigs.

06/12, "A Live One" album by Phish was released

06/16, the movie "Batman Forever" opened in theaters in the U.S.A. with a record $20 million in ticket sales in a single day with 4300 movie theaters debuting it. It had a $52.8 million weekend.

06/22, Dan Rather gets down and funky with his bad white self, taking the stage with R.E.M. during a New York soundcheck to perform "What's The Frequency, Kenneth?"

07/01, Pioneering air personality Wolfman Jack, 56, dies of a heart attack. He got his start working for 250-thousand watt Mexican AM station XERF in the early Sixties. Wolfman's name came from his love of B-grade horror movies. He played himself in the 1973 movie "American Graffitti" and hosted weekly Rock-and-Roll TV show "The Midnight Special." In 1974, the GUESS WHO's song "Clap for the Wolfman" made it all the way to #6. His radio programs are still in syndication.

07/15, on the cover of TV Guide: "Kes and Neelix of Voyager". Other Articles: X-Files comic book insert, MST3K

07/18, on "Days Of Our Lives," Psychiatrist Dr. Marlena Evans is finally exorcised of the demon who's possessed her soul since the previous December when she burned down Christmas tree at Salem Place. Yep, same writer as the one in the July 16th item, James E. Reilly, who's returning to the show this fall (2003), while continuing to write the soap NBC let him create, "Passions." Burning down the Christmas tree? Chaston and Groditski sang about that one!

07/18, "Games Rednecks Play" album by Jeff Foxworthy was released

07/19, "Clueless" starring Alicia Silverstone opened in theaters in the USA. Sweet!

07/21, "Presidents Of The United States Of America" album by Presidents Of The U.S.A, was released. It contained the hits "Peaches" and "Lump", which got tons of airplay on Dr. Demento's radio show for a while. Weird Al Yankovic parodied "Lump" into a tribute to a movie, "Gump".

07/24, (NOTE: PRONOUNCIATION) on CBS's "Late Show With David Letterman," a "dumb ads" segment introduces to the world a Canadian filling station attendant who goes by the name of Dick (now pronounce it this way: OSS-Man) Assman. The entire North American viewing audience soon catches Dick Assman-ia!!

07/26, "The Jerky Boys" album by The Jerky Boys was certified Platinum by the RIAA

07/28, The live-action feature film, "Operation: Dumbo Drop" is released in theaters in the US.

07/31, "Waterfalls" single by TLC was certified Gold and Platinum by the RIAA. "Weird Al" Yankovic tells the kids not to make any "Phony Calls", a parody of this song.

07/31, The Walt Disney Company agreed to acquire Capital Cities-ABC Incorporated in a $19 billion deal.

08/01, "Gangsta's Paradise" single by Coolio was released. "Weird Al" Yankovic parodied it into "Amish Paradise" in 1996.

08/04, the movie "Babe" was released in the movie theaters in U.S.A. Far-ram-you!

08/08, "Mellow Gold" album by Beck was certified Platinum by the RIAA

08/09, "Northern Exposure", TV General Drama; last aired on CBS.

08/10, the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium had their game forfeited to the St. Louis Cardinals because the fans after being warned twice before wouldn't stop throwing souvenir baseballs onto the field in the sellout crowd on Ball Night. "We gave them three chances. Three strikes and you're out," umpire Bob Davidson said.

08/11, "Macarena" single by Los Del Rio was released

08/12, "The Mask" TV cartoon based on the Jim Carrey movie debut on CBS.

08/12, according to the Tonight Show, Larry Hagman gets a new liver; the next day, his old liver was put on display at Planet Hollywood.

08/14, "Alapalooza, The Videos" video by "Weird Al" Yankovic was certified Gold by the RIAA

08/14, "Weird Al in 3-D" album by "Weird Al" Yankovic was certified Platinum by the RIAA

08/19, one of the most famous weddings in television history is repeated as frequent "Tonight Show" guest Tiny Tim gets married again (for the last time) ... this time to Susan Garder, in a private ceremony.

08/21, this marks the day "Bermuda" Schwartz first posted the Bermuda Files about "Weird Al" Yankovic on the web! The very first address was at earthlink.net, and a short time later, it was moved to www.loop.com/~bermuda/index.htm (which is listed in the Bad Hair Day album booklet). It has since been moved to the weirdal.com domain.

08/21, D.T. officially opens a website with the help of Interprep and dubs it "D.T.'s Demented Datebook," which evolved into the current mega look at today's celebrity birthdays and events and rechristened "Today in All Kinds of History." It originally started out as a small paragraph of music and events related to funny music tagged at the end of the Dr. Demento reports in early 1995, but got spun off into their own posts, then finally expanded to include dozens of other varieties of items, making it one of the most comprehensible looks of this date in history anywhere on the Internet. The original Demented Datebooks can be found as part of D.T.'s Dr. Demento/Funny Music webpage in its uncluttered form, a throwback to the early days of the WWW!

08/22, almost two years after his death, his music still fascinates new listeners, thus Rykodisc releasees the collection "Strictly Commercial: The Best of Frank Zappa." Gathering nineteen of Zappa's most familiar, accessible "rock" tunes, from sixteen of his best albums, the collection serves as a Frank Zappa 101 for new fans just getting into twenty-seven years worth of some of the weirdest rock 'n' roll on the planet.

08/24, the most over-hyped operating system upgrade ever was released: Microsoft Windows 95. Windows 95 was rumored to be run under MS DOS 7 in some computer magazines. Microsoft also purchased the rights to use the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up" for a reported $12 million.

08/24, to promote the release of its new Windows 95 operating system, the Microsoft Corp. purchased the rights to use the Rolling Stones song "Start Me Up" for a reported $12 million.

08/28, Oingo Boingo announce they will break up following a series of L.A. area Halloween shows. Band leader Danny Elfman went on to much success in scoring of films.

09/03, Tonya Harding, as lead for The Golden Blades, sang(?) a 15-minute three-song set as the booing crowd lobbed plastic bottles at the stage.

09/09, on the cover of TV Guide: "Paul Reiser, Kelsey Grammer, Garry Shandling". Other Articles: Murphy Brown,Gary Sinise, Tony Danza

09/09, The Kids WB premiered its cartoon lineup with "Animaniacs", "Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries", "Pinky And The Brain", "Freakazoid!", and "Earthworm Jim".

09/09, R.C., "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio peaked at #1 on the pop singles chart; "Weird Al" parodied it into "Amish Paradise."

09/10, "Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky & The Brain," a spinoff of Spielberg's "Animaniacs" cartoon show, is the adventures of two power-hungry mice, debuts on The WB.

09/10, NBC's "Frasier" won five awards, including best comedy series.

09/11, a week following the premiere of "Carnie" (Wilson), the talk shows "Gabrielle" (Carteris), "George & Alana" (Hamilton & Stewart), "Danny!" (Bonaduce), "Lauren Hutton," and "Tempestt" (Bledsoe) premiere to indifference, yawns, stupor, apathy, and low ratings. Not necessarily in that order. None see a sophomore year. Where are the game shows?

09/11, Green Day tells a British magazine that they turned down an invitation to perform on "Sesame Street" because "we couldn't handle a mosh pit full of 5 year olds."

09/13, "The Drew Carey Show," starring comedian Carey in an ensemble comedy about working-class buddies, debut on ABC-TV.

09/15, "The Jeff Foxworthy Show," starring the standup comic as an adoring-but-clueless husband and father, debut on ABC.

09/16, marks the day D.T. got his very own website that he authors at what was once Geopages aka bhi90210, then Geocities but is now Geos**tties (he was lent space on Interprep last month, but this time D.T. can upload his stuff himself). The first sections that he opened include Southern California Radio/TV, Dr. Demento, and Today in All Kinds of History as it's called now. It has since expanded to cover a parody of TV Guide, a page about the 70's family Eight is Enough, Funny Stuff and Junk, a page for Weird Al Yankovic and Whimsical Will, Optical Illusions, Celebrity Autographs he received, Valerie Bertinelli, Wacky Packages, and other stuff to be named later or he can't recall since he has too many pages to keep track of anyway.

09/17, "The Simpsons' Conclusion" In part two of the mock-mystery "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" -- a clear parody of Dallas (see #13) -- the Simpsons are watching a TV news broadcast when the prime suspect in the shooting is cleared (his alibi involves watching Comedy Central). "Hmmm," says Marge, "I guess it's never the most likely suspect." "Actually, Mom," notes Lisa, "in 95 percent of cases it is. The rest of the time, it's usually some deranged lunatic who did it for no reason." With that, every head in the room turns to Homer.

09/18, "The Twisted Tales Of Felix The Cat" cartoon returned on CBS.

09/21, Lea Thompson stars in "Caroline in the City," about a single, successful young cartoonist, debut on NBC.

09/21, "Games Rednecks Play" album by Jeff Foxworthy was certified Gold and Platinum by the RIAA

09/22, "Dweebs," TV Comedy debuts on CBS.

10/07, on the cover of TV Guide: "Worf, Michael Dorn". Other Articles: Nancy McKeon, rating cliffhangers

10/08, Dr. Demento aired his special 25th Anniversary Show. It aired the early beginnings of his show, highlights from novelty musician interviews, and a countdown of the 25 most requested demented artists of all time. The top ten: 10:Stan Freberg, 9:Cheech and Chong, 8:Shel Silverstein, 7:Spike Jones, 6:Monty Python, 5:Ray Stevens, 4:The Frantics, 3:Frank Zappa, 2:Tom Lehrer, 1:Weird Al Yankovic.

10/11, John Bobbitt has plastic surgery to increase his penis 3 inches. Take it from Howard Stern: size doesn't matter.

10/12, "Presidents Of The United States Of America" album by Presidents Of The U.S.A, was certified Gold by the RIAA

10/13, Walt Disney World welcomes its 500 millionth guest.

10/14, the new latenight series "Mad TV" debuts on Fox-TV to compete with 20-year-old NBC's Saturday Night Live.

10/15, Paul and Linda McCartney make guest voice appearances on The Simpsons on Fox. They counsel Lisa Simpson on vegetarianism.

10/17, Rhino Home Video releases 58 episodes of "The Monkees" on 21 cassettes - the largest video boxed set ever.

10/25, David Letterman makes his second of two appearances as himself on "The Larry Sanders Show."

10/29, Paul Anka is featured as a guest star on the "Treehouse of Horror VI" episode of Fox's The Simpsons.

10/31, "Here Come The Munsters" aired on Fox.

10/31, in an even more appalling than usual Halloween episode of "Roseanne," Rosie receives a Ouija board message from "the dead" -- the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, that is.

10/31, Frank Zappa look-a-likes roamed Manhattan in a promotional stunt for a new Zappa 54-tune compilation album.

11/05, "Weird Al" Yankovic recorded "Cavity Search" and "I'm So Sick Of You" for his "Bad Hair Day" CD.

11/05, the Orange County Register reported that Patrick McGowan claiming to have eaten a frog head at a local chain restaurant. It was later proven to be a hoax.

11/07, Howard Stern debuted on WXDX, Pittsburgh. His book Miss America was released that same day with Stern appearing in drag.

11/07, "Gangsta's Paradise" album by Coolio was released

11/08, Country Dick Montana...lead singer of the Beat Farmers.. .collapsed and died on stage in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

11/17, actor Tony Randall married Heather Harlan, an understudy in one of his plays. He was 75, she was 25.

11/19, part 1 of the "The Beatles Anthology" documentary miniseries aired on A-Beatles-C. The show included the debut of the first new Beatles single in 25 years..."Free As A Bird." The show attracts an estimated 47 million viewers.

11/22, Disney's "Toy Story", the first computer animated motion picture, opened in theaters in the USA, scoring a record weekend take of $39,071,176. That weekend, a record $158.5 million in box office receipts was made that weekend. Other movies in the mix included the freshmen hits "Goldeneye" and "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls".

11/27, Today in Late Show w/ Letterman History: Microsoft founder and CEO Bill Gates visits the LATE SHOW for the first time to talk to Letterman and (while wearing a hard hat and white lab coat) assists the late-night host with the LATE SHOW Quiz Machine.

12/01, the movie "Gumby: The Movie" was released in the movie theaters in USA.

12/05, James Bond was elected mayor of Encinitas, California, by the City Council.

12/06, "Twisted Christmas" album by Bob Rivers Comedy Corp was certified Gold by the RIAA

12/08, Four months after the death of its founder and guiding spirit, Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead announces it was disbanding after 30 years of making music.

12/14, "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" releases its first book, based on the "If They Mated" sketch.

12/14, "Presidents Of The United States Of America" album by Presidents Of The U.S.A, was certified Platinum by the RIAA

12/20, Today in Late Show w/ Letterman History: Howard Stern appears on the LATE SHOW in drag, accompanied by two bikini-clad men, who share a passionate kiss on camera. Caught up in the moment, Mujibur and Sirajul are spotted backstage in a compromising position.

12/31, cartoonist Bill Watterson ended his popular "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip after ten years.

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