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Tanny Zones Out of Countdown (Dec 30, 2007)

The top 50 songs of 2007 has been posted on the website The Mad Music Archive, counting down the top 50 songs that mattered in the year of 2007.

Host David Tanny announced that he has hosted his final Top 20 countdown survey as of the weekend of December 29, 2007.

"It's been fun, but it's taking too much time away from work," says Tanny. "With the economy sputtering, sales at my paying job down, and affilliate sales down, as well as my health insurance premiums going up 40 percent as of next month, I had to work longer hours to make ends meet. It takes some six hours a week to put the show together including validating and counting votes, searching for usuable songs, producing the show, uploading it, and other stuff."

He says about the new "Mad Music Comedy Zone" podcast debuting the weekend of January 5, "It will be more fun. I'll get to play a wide variety of different songs a week, and I'll just play the same one song for up to three weeks if it makes number one on the new weekly Demented Grudge Match matchups between just two songs. I'll get to play a couple of dozen other stuff a week from my archives dating back to the start of the mp3 era, and songs that deserve to get at least one airing."

Tanny plans to keep his show clean and quality. "There will be no songs about unmentionable body parts by Grandma or other jobs that Clinton did, as they're not radio friendly. With so many songs out on the Internet, only the best and interesting funny songs will get played."

On the variety of artists, "We will play much more variety than the old MMDT20 did a week in terms of artists and song selections. No more excerpts. No more low-fidelity songs. No songs that have to be bleeped out in order to broadcast since I just don't have the time to do that anymore. You will hear artists and songs that just don't get played on most of the other funny music shows, and not hear the same repeats and artists every week as many people complained about. Each show will be a capsule in itself. Every song gets at least one play."

On the weekly features, "We plan to feature 'The Adventures of the O.B. Ranger' radio series from the 1970s as originally produced for a rock radio station in Tijuana. O.B. is Gary Allyn and Indian is Neil Ross, who was an integral part of the series. We have 54 episodes in all to air out of some 90 that were produced. Other weekly features include a David Tanny song of the week to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his first widely-released cassette (he didn't have a CD burner until 2000), a "Weird Al" song of the week, two of the Whimsical Will Demented News classics from the past, perhaps some Schoolhouse Rock and Ask Dr. Science, and other features to be used later."

On the old features used on the MMDT20 show, "We will continue to play new songs as well as requests, but they will be mixed into the show, rather than to be put into separate segments. As long as the songs are usuable and listenable, they will get played."

On the subject of going out of left field, "I'm happy to say that we'll be playing at least one song a week that's just not demented but something I like. It could be Metallica, Rick James, Britney Spears, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Devo, Led Zeppelin, anything that rocks me and anything that can be parodied. You just never know what this show will play."

On the subject of supersized subjects, "That is over. It's just too much work. Three hours of the same theme on the now-retired "I Still Get Demented" series was a challenge, but those days are over. I'm thinking of doing Four Play a week, playing a set of four songs with a common theme instead of 27 on one show."

On any hope that there will be a DFSXmas channel in 2008, "I'd have to sell more of my Stupid Audio CDs and clear at least $150 in profits (sales minus overhead costs) before October so I could pay for the streaming provider and bring it back just for the season. A lot of e-mailers miss it and some offered to pay for it, but not enough money could be raised."

The Mad Music Comedy Zone premieres on January 5, 2008, on The Mad Music Archive and older episodes of the MMDT20 show are still available on the website for listening.

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