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DFSX Stream To Shut Down Permanently July 15th? (Jun 21, 2007)

Live365, which is powering 10,000 stations including DFSX, has stated to kurthanson.com that "without permanent relief from the CRB decision, they will go off the air on July 15 because the only option is bankruptcy. There are thousands of other stations that face the same choices."

This means that DFSX could go off the air permanently. DFSX will cease to exist as a streamer.

Unless, a new streaming home can be found.

If you have any suggestions on how DFSX can continue to stream (without an active computer at home) and using the ability to store songs remotely for streaming, please let me know.

Remember a few facts: David Tanny, the bankroller of the stream, can't afford hundreds of dollars a month to stream a station (he works for minumum wage, no kidding).

DFSX has considered adding second and third DFSX channels, but DFSX is not getting enough VIP listening time to make that possible. The DFSX channel that uses the top basic streaming package runs $49.95 a month, while DFSX is getting only $2-$3 a month back while the 15 VIP members stream the station. If DFSX had at least 300 VIP members streaming the same amount of hours per listener, then DFSX could have recouped the streaming expenses each month.

We looked at other streaming packages, but found nothing comparable with the features we need to keep the station up 24 hours a day. We can't broadcast directly from a home computer so any broadcast package requiring that ability is out.

DFSX has asked listeners to tell their friends to listen and to tell their friends about the station. Apparently, this clearly hasn't been done by a vast majority of the readers and listeners, which is why you're not seeing channels for Vintage Dementia and Comedy Talk by this time.

So readers, this is your last chance to tell Congress to support the Internet bills that would help save Internet radio or else DFSX is off the air July 15th.

The King Of Novelty Lives (June 21, 2007)

The late break-in interview record king Dickie Goodman lives on the internet.

His son, Jon Goodman said to allaccess that, "My brother Jed and I got together and have nearly every record Dad ever made up on all the music download sites now. All the sites like Itunes, Napster, Emusic, Real And Rhapsody have Dickie Goodman now, but you can also check out a site we built at http://www.myspace.com/kingofnovelty

Up now on the site above is the break-in comedy bit that Whimsical Will, who unfortuneately never met Dickie, produced in 1982 called "Hey, Dickie", where Will asks the questions, and his questions are answered with excerpts of Dickie Goodman talking on some of his earlier records.

From Dr. Demento: "Dickie Goodman made funny records -- million-sellers like "The Flying Saucer" and "Mr. Jaws" and a great many more, including rarities that go for hundreds of dollars today. After 50 years and counting, we still get requests for Dickie Goodman every week on the Dr. Demento Show. Lots of others have made great "novelty records" -- Spike Jones, Ray Stevens, "Weird Al" Yankovic to name a few -- but only Dickie Goodman invented a brand new way of making records funny. Along with the late Bill Buchanan, Dickie conceived the whole idea of a make-believe news interview in which all the "answers" are lines from current hit records. The format was widely imitated, but no one ever quite matched the originator. But Dickie Goodman was a lot more than a name on a record label. He was a human being, who led an exciting but often very difficult life. It was a life full of personal triumphs and tragedies -- all compounded by the never-ending challenges brought on by his unique way of making records (foreshadowing today's music mixing). Through it all, Dickie raised two sons, Jed and Jon Goodman. As a boy, Jon was in the studio when I interviewed Dickie on my show in 1981. More recently, Jon has compiled CD's of his father's work, and recorded his own new "interviews" in the Goodman style. Now, for the first time, with these digital time capsules, the Goodman Brothers share their father's records with us, as only they can. It's an essential part of the history of American comedy, and American rock & roll as well."

From Weird Al: "Dickie Goodman built a career out of imagination and sheer chutzpah - he was a seminal figure in the history of comedy records. In my early teens, my friends and I would try to emulate him by making our own "cut-in" records using a transistor radio and a tiny reel-to-reel tape recorder. He was a definite early influence, and he continues to be a major inspiration."

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