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Best 11 Dementia Albums for 2006 (Dec 31, 2006)

George Varga never mentions the existance of dementia (or comedy music) as a musical genre in the Union-Buffoon newspaper. I never see any news about comedy music releases (except for Weird Al) mentioned in their Night & Day tabloid. What a travesty the newspaper is.

So, with that in mind, it's time to me to step up and give you my reccomendations for eleven of the best albums of the year 2006. These are albums that I have bought in the past year (sorry, Tower, if you carried most of them, you wouldn't have gone out of business).

People have been asking me what albums I have been buying, and as I tell them what I liked, they keep suggesting me forgettable pop radio fluff from bands I can't even relate to. Yes, sex sells, rather than musical talent.

I don't care what they look like. I just want something new and fun that makes sense.

Well, here are my reccomendations for albums that came out in 2006.

This list is being brought to you by David Tanny's Stupid Audio 3.0, available at http://www.davidtanny.com/, featuring the hits "Centipede", "Gold", "What If Your Wife Was a Man", plus other demented goodies. There's your first album already!

Sean Morey's CD "Sex Now with Sean Morey" was released in 2005 but has gotten some airplay on Dr. Demento in 2006, so it qualifies as a belated entry. His songs "Sex Now" and the holiday hit "Dear Santa" are highlights. You can get the album and six others by going to http://www.seanmorey.com/.

Lemon Demon's CD "Dinosaurchestra" has had his track "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" getting airplay on Demento and DFSX and other outlets all year long. Other highlights of the CD are "Action Movie Hero Boy," "Lawnmower", and "Vow of Silence." Check out his 2005 CD "Damn Skippy" feauring "Geeks in Love", "Kitten is Angry", "Ode to Crayola", and more. You can get his music by going to http://www.lemondemon.com/.

Brett Eidman's CD "What's so F#@kin Funny?" produced one hit "Ode to Scruffy" on Dr. Demento and DFSX, but other tracks like "Mi Dik" got plenty of play on DFSX. You can get his CD by going to http://www.bretteidman.com/.

Power Salad's latest CD "Sweat Equity" gave us the hits "My Cat is Afraid of the Vacuum Cleaner," plus "Little Hybrid," "I Saw the Coelacanths", and others. You can get his albums by going to http://www.powersalad.com/.

"Laughter is a Powerful Weapon Volume 2" is a compilation CD featuring many dementia music stars, designed to raise money for the American Red Cross. It features the tracks "Happy Birthday (Placebo Records Version, Remixed In Stereo For This CD" by "Weird Al" Yankovic, "Meat Cookies" by Lolly, "I Miss Paul" by Steven Banks, "you were wrong cabinet sanchez" by Worm Quartet, "My Cat Is Afraid Of The Vacumm Cleaner" Power Salad, and others. You can get the CD by going to http://www.funnymusicians.com/.

"Technobabble" is another noteworthy compilation CD released by FIDIM Interactive, LLC. It's full of funny songs about technology. The CD contains 22 hilarous tracks by some of the biggest names in funny music today. This CD contains several new and unreleased songs and hits topics ranging from computers to video games to the people involved and everything in between! You can get the CD by going to http://www.fidim.com/, which stands for, "Fine, I'll Do It Myself."

Rick Moranis "Agoraphobic Cowboy" has had every track played on DFSX in 2006. His highlights include "I Ain't Goin' Nowhere", "Four More Beers", "SOS", and more. Visit his website http://www.rickmoranis.com/.

Jeff Daniels CD "Live and Unplugged to Benefit the Purple Rose Theatre" (yes, that actor) was released in 2006 and yielded the hits "If William Shatner Can, I Can Too" (let's hope he doesn't get any ideas to host a game show), "If I Weren't So Stupid, You Wouldn't be So Smart", "You Can Drink an Ugly Girl Pretty", and others. More information about his CDs are at http://www.jeffdaniels.com/

And guess who released another album in 2006? "Weird Al" Yankovic! His latest CD "Straight Outta Lynwood" yielded the hits "White & Nerdy", "Don't Download This Song", "Canadian Idiot", plus nine other tracks. This is a DualDisc CD, a reason to finally go out and purchase a surround sound unit to hear what it sounds like on six speakers. This CD was nominated for two Grammy awards - Best Comedy Album and Best Surround Sound Album. You can get the CD by going to many places including http://weirdal.davesfunstuff.com/.

iPartyRadio's Top 100 Dance Songs of 2006 (Dec 31, 2006)

Another internet radio station we frequently listen to, http://ipartyradio.com/, is having its own hit countdown this New Year's Eve/Day.

ipartyradio.com presents The Top 100 Songs for 2006. The countdown of the top 100 hit dance songs for the past year begins at 4pm Pacific (6pm Central, 7pm Eastern).

After the countdown, it's the hottest mix show on the internet featuring all your favorite songs from 2006 in a non-stop 6 hour megamix.

Now, if you can't catch the countdown on New Years Eve, the station has gotten you covered. iPartyRadio will be repeating the countdown on New Years Day starting at 4am Pacific, 6am Central, 7am Eastern times.

Listen to the dance pop hits you missed hearing on San Diego radio by going to the website http://ipartyradio.com/ and click the listen live link to hear the hits.

iPartyRadio.com is the creation of dance music enthusiasts from all over the country with a goal to provide you your favorite party music.

When are we going to get a station like this in San Diego?

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