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Tax-Time Party Songs (Nov 9, 2005)

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New CD Turns Tax-Preparation Doldrums into a Party-Central Sing-Along

WELLESLEY, MA, October 25, 2005 -- Ruby Tunes LLC announced the release of "Taxpayer Blues," a CD collection of "original, yet comfortably familiar" songs designed to make the American taxpayer smile even as the IRS makes him scowl. The CD features a wide range of musical genres "from blues and country to choral music, as well as a polka and easy-listening standards. Taxpayer Blues is designed as a fun holiday gift for anyone involved in the all-too-serious worlds of accounting, finance, and investing", or, for that matter, anyone who looks forward to April 15 with the kind of zeal usually reserved for a root canal.

"A lot of people believe the American tax system is laughable," says Ruby Tunes LLC President, Phil Fragasso. "At Ruby Tunes, we happen to think it's just plain funny. So we created Taxpayer Blues to give people the opportunity to snap their fingers and tap their toes while singing about arcane mysteries like the AMT and 529 plans."

Taxpayer Blues features eight songs that poke a little fun at the American tax system: "I Ain't Got No Money," "My Tax Return the Fanciful," "Battle Hymn of the Taxpayer," "The IRS Audited Me and Ran Off With My Wife," "The Taxpayer's Polka," "When Uncle Sam Is Smiling," "Heck, My Accountant Said To Me," and "Taxpayer Blues."

All songs are performed by Ruby Tunes, a collection of Boston's finest vocalists and studio musicians. Vocalists include national recording artist, Red Peters, as well as Gigi Abraham, Patty Barkas, John Corcoran, Kook Lawry, Brian Maes, and Paul Soares. All music is performed by John Corcoran, Ed Grenga, and Kook Lawry.

Lyrics, audio samples, and purchasing information "including substantial discounts for volume orders" are available at http://www.taxpayerblues.com. The CD is also available from Amazon.com, CDbaby.com, and other leading retailers.

"When was the last time people laughed about taxes and the intricacies of the IRS code? Probably never," says Fragasso. "Until now."

Ruby Tunes LLC is a producer and distributor of novelty music. Its president, Phil Fragasso, is a senior marketing executive within the financial services industry. He founded the firm as an outlet for his creative and entrepreneurial energies.

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