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Carla Ulbrich Suffers Stroke (Feb 2002)

From her newsletter forwarded from someone from another mailing list:

From Carla Ulbrich:

Dear friends,

I am in Miami right now. I am canceling all gigs for the near future. If you are uncertain, call or e mail the venue. Here's what happened...

The Good The Bad The Ugly....

The Bad: I am here getting medical attention because I had a stroke. 2 strokes actually. I know, I'm too young to have a stroke. I tried this argument with my body. All lines were busy.

The Good: I like and trust the health care practitioner whose care I am under here. And, she's letting me stay at her house until I get better (which makes it tempting not to get better, just so I can stick around here).

The Bad: Had to cancel my editing session for the next CD. Will try again later in the spring

The Good: The world kept turning anyway (to my surprise).

The Bad: One of the strokes affected my left hand and I can't play guitar (for now...?)

The Good: Now I have an excuse for my bad typing.

The Bad: I have been in lots of pain

The Good: Got to use the wheelchair and ride the beep beep beep cart through the airports.

(The Bad: All Elderly pedestrains were giving me dirty looks)

The Ugly: I packed in a daze, so I forgot some things, like makeup for example. I knew I should have taken a cue from Tammy Faye Bakker and had my eyeliner, lipliner and eyebrows tattooed on.


1) Treat the sick person normally. Except: no wedgies, noogies, or jumping on the bed

2) OK to talk about your life. It has to be more interesting than being sick.

3) Do not say "I knew someone who had what you have. She died."

Thanks for your care and concern


Carla Ulbrich

Professional Smart Aleck

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