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Final "Insanity Of The Airwves" Show Dec 16, 2001

"Insanity on the Airwaves" to go on Hiatus

After a 3-plus year run, "Insanity on the Airwaves" will be disappearing from the airwaves, culminating with an 8-hour live episode on Sunday, December 16th, 2001, from 12 Noon to 8 PM Central Time. The show is ending because the show's creator, Keith "Keeter Man" Rose has been forced due to his "normal" life to leave Appleton for Carnival Cruise Line as a show band musician. This is not an end to any means - the door is being kept open for resurgence, whether it is an online-only version or a return to WLFM if conditions occur.

"Insanity on the Airwaves" has been a comedy & dementia radio program that provides a platform for the exposure for comedy & dementia artists and musicians in the time that comedy music is an underground movement while "alternative" music is mainstream of the music industry. "Insanity on the Airwaves" had a modest beginning with its first show on October 4th, 1999, started with less than 20 CDs and no on-air experience. Today, "Insanity on the Airwaves" has risen to be a premiere comedy/dementia show in the College Radio ranks, both broadcasting locally and via the internet since its start. MANY artists have contributed to the cause of keeping the art of comedy & dementia music alive. The following artists have contributed music to "Insanity on the Airwaves":

The Arrogant Worms
The Bobs
Ben Brooks
Les Barker
The Capitol Steps
Cab City Combo
Tim Cavanaugh
Cole Slaw & the Baked Bean Band
John Cougarstein
The Cowards
Peter Cook
Da Yoopers
Da Vinci's Notebook
The Dan Orr Project
Faust & Lewis
John Forster
The Four Postmen
Tony Goldmark
Dan Hart
Happy Schnapps Combo
Jim's Big Ego
Lurlene the Trailer Court Queen
Lester McFrawp
Sean Morey
The Mrs. Ackroyd Band
No Time
The Onion Radio News
Rob Paravonian
Henry Phillips
The Polkaholics
Power Salad
Raymond & Scum
Darryl Rhoades
Roto Rooter Good-Time Christmas Band
Eric Schwartz
Sponge Awareness Foundation
Stanford Fleet Street Singers
Sudden Death
They Might Be Giants
Throwing Toasters
Those Darn Accordions
Carla Ulbrich
Larry Weaver
Hot Waffles

I would also like to thank the artists who either made live appearances
on the show or did a pre-recorded interview with us:
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz
Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad
Members of the Happy Schnapps Combo
Tim Cavanagh
Da Vinci's Notebook

There have been some artists that have gone "above and beyond" the
normal contributions.

Tony Goldmark
Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad

This run would have not been possible for me to maintain on my own.  I
have been very fortunate to have many friends help from time to time. 
The "Insanity Crew," as it has been dubbed, has been:

Devin "C-Dev" Kass 
Jamie "Plain Simple Garak" Le Blanc
Jen "Junior Citizen" Zempel
"Trivial" Todd Wilkinson 
Matt "Subman" Marks
Marianna "Lady Omniscience" Allen

I want to thank all of my listeners for tuning into the show - I hope
that I have brought you all a good mix of comedy & dementia in these
past 2 years.  I have had a great time these last 3 years on the air,
and I will miss stepping away from the board Sunday evening.  I have
written a parody to commemorate the final show that will be the last
track played on "Insanity on the Airwaves."  The song is a parody of
Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" entitled "Goodbye Insanity
Show."  Thank you to all that have been supportive of "Insanity on the
Airwaves" and I hope that I sooner than later I can make the
announcement that "Insanity on the Airwaves" will make its return.

I forgot to mention that joining me in the final show will be Chris
Mezzolesta of Power Salad, and many of the co-hosts
that have been on the show the past few years.

Yours in Dementia,

Keith Rose aka Keeter Man
Host of "Insanity on the Airwaves"

Keith Rose, Sir Not Appearing In This Film
KeeterMan on EFNet IRC          AOL IM: KeeterMan27     ICQ: 7767635
Low Brass Player At Large
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia - Gamma Zeta Chapter

"Buy a new Game Boy For the fun and the fashion...Just for the passion!"
                                -- Moxy Frnvous, "Stuck In The 90's"
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