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New Demented Songs in 2000

Some highlights for the songs that made their debut in the year 2000 include a remixed 1999 song "Debbie" from the album "Burnt" and sung by the Los Angeles comedy alternative band The Throwing Toasters (get it? Burnt Toast?).

Camille West had a good year with her songs "Toe To Toe With The HMO" and "Viagra in the Waters" off her album "Diva's Day Off".

Barry and the Bookbinders put out "You Have 257 Messages" and "Inner Thoughts" this year.

Da Vinci's Notebook sung a song about a popsicle stick "Ally McBeal," which is not on the album "Bendy's Law."

The Four Bitchin' Babes covered Camille West's hit "Viagra In The Waters" for their album "The Babes Beyond Bitchin'."

Whimsical Will did his 15th annual summer movie tribute "Hey X-Men!"

"I Did It All For The Wookiee" was a hit for Damn Nation, doing a song about another Star Wars character.

Christine Lavin put out her latest CD "Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch" where her title track was also a hit in the land of dementia.

The movie Pokemon 2000 was also a summer movie hit this past year, and a well-known artist contributed to the album, "Weird Al" Yankovic, with his song "Polkamon." That song got numerous airplay on Radio Disney, naturally.

Also getting plenty on airplay in dementia and Disney is a new song featuring another speeded-up rodent. It's not a chipmunk. It's not a woodchuck. It's not a squirrel. In fact, Weird Al's pet is one of them: a hamster! They took an old Roger Miller song, sampled it, speeded it up, added a techno beat, mixed in some hamsters, and voila! A smash hit record! "Whistle Stop/Hampster Dance Song/Whistle Stop", credited by Roger Miller at the beginning, then Hampton The Hampster, then Roger Miller at the end.

Dementia has been witnessed on hit radio stations as well! Eiffel 65 kicked off the year with his international hit "Blue" from his album "Europop."

The Bloodhound Gang's hit "The Bad Touch", a song about doing it like they do on The Discovery Channel, is off their CD "Horray For Boobies."

Baha Men, who have been here a while, never had a hit until this party song came along to replace the catch phrase "Wazzup" with their call "Who Let The Dogs Out?" It's the title track off their album.

The Offspring's latest album "Consipracy of One" contains the alternative rock hit "Original Prankster."

And probably the most controversal artist of the year, Emimen, put out his "Marshall Mathers LP" featring the hit "The Real Slim Shady." Mathers tells a press reporter that Eminem is a character he invented and, like actors portraying fictional characters, he's created a fictional character that's not afraid of spitting out the truth on the mike. In the hit song, he dissed Christina Aguliera and boy bands. One fan got so mad at the song that a female singer released an answer record to radio stations across the nation.

"The Real Slim Shady (My Reply)," by Emily Ellis, made fun of Eminem's lyrics and turned the song on him. In the parody, the female rapper sings lyrics such as "Will the real Slim Shady please shut up!", "His song is on my nerves. His song is on my nerves," "You're like a cartoon version of Ricky Schroeder of Silver Spoons." "You ain't nuthin' but a product, hatched to be bought up, a year from now you won't be thought of," and "There's a million women just like me, that think like me, that all can see, that Slim Shady, is just a boy dealing with puberty, so if you agree, scream loudly with me!"

"You're Slim Shady, yes, you're the real Shady, you sound like Peter Brady, you get quite irritating, so won't the real Slim Shady please shut up? Please shut up? Please shut up?"

Some notable demented albums that came out in the year 2000 include the Barnes and Barnes collection "Yeah! Essential Barnes and Barnes," Tom Lehrer's box set "The Remains Of Tom Lehrer", "The Dr. Demento 30th Anniversary Collection" aka "Dementia 2000," Spinal Tap rereleased two of their albums on CD.

Stop in and also check out the latest Christmas collection featuring the new Bob Rivers CD "Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Flame" and about 100 more demented and nostalgic Christmas CD's you can find online!

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