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AlCon 2000 Weekend Honors Weird Al and Dr. Demento

I hope that there are a few readers from San Diego and Los Angeles who are familiar with the 30-year-old underrated radio institution The Dr. Demento Show.

This weekend marks "Al Con 2000" in honor of popular pop parodist "Weird Al" Yankovic and also doubling as "Dementia 2000" honoring Dr. Demento.

It starts Friday, May 19th at 6:00 p.m., and lasts until the late hours of the night of Saturday, May 20th, located at the Elk Grove Village Holiday Inn, just a few miles from Ohare International Airport. The last I heard, there were still tickets available for both days for $35 per day at the door.

Dr. Demento Moves in Santa Barbara

John Paul Saragosa posted this in rec.music.dementia:

Well, I should have checked this out and posted before, but kept
forgetting... Dr D was airing on KIST 107.7 FM (yes, an oldies 
50's-60s station) Sundays 9PM-11PM approx.

Then in March KIIS FM from Los Angeles bought the station changed the
format to Top 40, and the call letters to KISS.

They dropped the sports station that was on AM 1340, and moved KIST back
there, where it had been around 40 years, before moving to FM 2 1/2
years ago...

It kept the KXXT letters until just recently, and I am pleased to
announce that AM 1340 KIST is playing Dr. D. at 9 PM Sundays!

Anyways feel free to switch around the info in the radio log for Santa
Barbara Ca...

Thanks John. Too bad KIST 1340 doesn't come into coastal San Diego at night. Wonder if they're on the Internet streaming.

Listen to Whimsical Will Online

Miss the latest Demetned News from Dr. Demento Show's Whimsical Will? Well William Simpson has been running his own website for almost three years now that features his weekly Demented News in streaming audio, a chatroom, and a song contest where you can name the short clip of a novelty song.

It's easy to remember: http://www.whimsicalwill.com!

Dr. Demento on KIST 1340 Santa Barbara

A few e-mails tricked in to me today that some people along coastal San Diego managed to pick up Dr. Demento's radio show on KIST 1340 out of Santa Barbara at night. The signal comes in faintly on top of 2-3 other co-channel radio stations coming into S.D. at night.

Even GE Superradio might have problem clearing KIST away from the other co-channel stations since AM signals tend to blend into each other instead of knocking one away like in FM.

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