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Weird Al on Goldmine (Feb 2000)

Just a note to let you know (and to let the other Dementoids and Al-Fans know) that Weird Al will be on the cover of the April edition of Goldmine. The article will feature an interview with Al, his band, Dr. Demento, Rick Derringer and more. Dementites and CPF of AL's should keep an eye out for Goldmine, on sale at record stores like Tower and Blockbuster, in bookstores like Barnes & Noble or Borders, and at independent record stores and magazine shops around the USA.

Best Spoken Comedy Album

The Grammy Nominees:

"Bigger & Blacker", Chris Rock
"How Paul Robeson Saved My Life and Other Mostly Happy Stories", Carl Reiner
"A Prairie Home Companion - 25th Anniversary Collection", Garrison Keillor
"Stan & Judy's Kid", Adam Sandler
"You Are All Diseased", George Carlin

And the winner is...

"Bigger & Blacker", Chris Rock

Squirrels Give Rock Classic New Twist

Seattle alt-pop band the Squirrels have decided to take on one of the biggest moments in rock history with this week's release of their sixth album, "Not-So-Bright Side of the Moon."

As the name suggests, the work is a song-for-song interpretation of Pink Floyd's 1973 classic, "Dark Side of the Moon," played in the Squirrel's own power-pop style.

"Realizing that for many people such massive exposure has caused "Dark Side of the Moon" to lose some of its original luster," says a spokesperson for the band, "the Squirrels have gleefully decided to give the old war horse a new coat of paint." "Not-So-Bright-Side of the Moon" also features guest cameos from members of Dread Zeppelin and the Fastbacks. The album is due in stores on March 28.

Dr. Demento Show Returns to Santa Barbara!

Good news for fans who desire something better to listen to than dinosaur classic rock or best-of talk show reruns...if you live in Santa Barbara.

From the messageboard of Dr. Demento/Funny Music comes the news of victory as KIST 107.7 is playing Dr. D at 9pm on Sunday nights!

On KIST station, the 6pm-6am is simulcast/syndicated with an oldies station in Las Vegas.

Thanks to JP for posting the good news.

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