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New Dr. Demento in Streaming Audio Found (Oct 1999)

In 1996-97, WMVP 1000 (now ESPN Radio) in Chicago used to air not only the then championship Chicago Bulls basketball games, in fact, it's the reason why Real Audio was invented more or less, it also provided many listeners with some audio form of the Dr. Demento Show (simulcast on The Loop 97.9) airing early Saturday until a corporate buyout spilt the two stations apart.

Dr. Demento continued on The Loop, but in 1998, there was no streaming audio for the station until now.

As of this past summer, The Loop now has a website (http://www.979theloop.com/).

Streaming Audio Woes

WLUP (http://www.979theloop.com/) provides streaming audio via the Windows Media Player instead of Real Audio, so you'll have to make sure you have the latest player installed or you'll get error messages that doesn't make any sense.

The error message I was greeted with was that I needed to have Netscape 4.0 and higher in order to get the Real Audio; I have Netscape Communicator 4.7 installed.

After trying what the folks at radiowave.com reccomended I try, I still couldn't get the streaming audio to work.

When designing websites with streaming audio, you might want to make sure you are streaming to the largest possible audience. Make sure your streaming audio is readily available with little difficulty and to people who use various operating systems, not just Windows.

Not everybody uses Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer from Microsoft because they may enjoy a better operating system that is very well within the audience of Real Audio instead. Until Microsoft gets their act together, I'm not bothering with Windows Media Player anymore.

Drew Carey a Dr. Demento Fan?

I ran across this posting in rec.music.dementia about a band member, Grant of Throwing Toasters, and his close brush with greatness Drew Carey somewhere in Los Angeles:

From: throtoastr@aol.com (ThroToastr)
Newsgroups: rec.music.dementia
Subject: Drew Carey A Dr. D Fan?
Date: 12 Oct 1999 22:20:57 GMT

We all know Drew's good friends with Al, but I got some inside scoop that he may be a Dr. Demento fan as well.

A week ago Monday, I played a show in Burbank, CA at a place right across from Warner Brothers Studios. Anyway, a lot of cool people were in the show (including yours truely of course, and a lot of people "in the biz" were there as well, including Drew Carey and a few of his production people.

Anyway I did my set which started off with the new TT song NEW HAMPSHIRE and concluded with everyone's favorite, DEBBIE. After I sat down, Drew came up to me and said he loved my set. i said thanks, and he left to continue watching the rest of the show.

At the end of the show, I went to talk to him and just about fell on the floor when he said, "Well you know I've heard your songs on Dr. Demento before."

"Really?" I said.

"Oh yeah. It's too bad he's off the air here though (meaning in Los Angeles) cause I used to listen to him every week."

Again I come back with, "Really?"

"Yeah I love Dr. Demento and I'm really good friends with "Weird Al". I was just in his video."

"I heard about that." Of course I knew he'd been in the vid for Pentiums, but in "Hollywood" people assume you A) Haven't heard or B) don't care.

We talked for a few more minutes with him commenting on my set saying how much he enjoyed it and I gave him a free copy of ALVIN, which he accepted graciously. Then we spilt up.

I usually see Drew once a week or so around Burbank here, I had just never met him. Now i can say hi when I see him and know he's a fam of Comedy Music like the rest of us!

just thought you'd like to know!

"The World's Greatest Alternative Rock Comedy Band!"

If you want Drew Carey to listen to your station, you know what to do, right?

Got Streaming Comedy?

I found this article posted by Ken Harris in the newsgroup rec.music.dementia for those who love funny stuff.

NetRadio has a new channel called Dot Comedy. It's a full-time Real Audio feed of assorted stand-up, musical, and sketch comedy, a *lot* of which will be very familiar to any Dementoid. I heard Weird Al, Tom Lehrer, Cheech & Chong, Steve Martin, Hudson & Landry, Stan Freberg, Adam Sandler, Barnes & Barnes, Ogden Edsl, National Lampoon, Woody Allen, Steven Wright... Hell, I couldn't name everything I heard in the past five hours unless I had taken notes. :) It was like listening to a Demento marathon, with the only thing missing being the voice of our good Doctor. I've just found me a new favorite NetRadio channel! The URL [for the G2 player] is extremely long, but here it is:

(site no longer in existance)

Alternately, I imagine you could go to netradio.net and find the channel from the main page there. Trust me, fellow Dementoids, you will *LOVE* this channel! If you're like me, living in a radio market that doesn't have any- body carrying the Demento show, NetRadio's Dot Comedy channel will certainly help take the edge off your Demento withdrawal symptoms.

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