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See What Nigey Lennon is Up To 5-10-98, 1-28-98

From: Nigey Lennon  (May 1998)

California Classics Books
Post Office Box 29756, Los Angeles, California 90029

Publication Date: September 1, 1998
ISBN 1-879395-01-0
Paperback Original 6x9, 184 pages

This may be available from amazon.com soon

Fat Man on the Left
Nigey Lennon / Published 1998

Buy this from amazon.com! Contact: David Silver of Silver Public Relations (213) 622-5064 To contact author directly, (213) 413-8400 Fat Man on the Left: Four Decades in the Underground In 16 essays about American culture and politics, Lionel Rolfe, a scion of the world-renowned Menuhin family and author of Fat Man on the Left: Four Decades in the Underground, mixes it up with royalty, revolutionaries, murderers, celebrities and visionaries, in a journey that juxtaposes his uncle, classical master violinist Yehudi Menuhin, and Frank Zappa. \ California Classics also published Nigey Lennon's Being Frank: My Time with Frank Zappa. She is married to Rolfe. For four decades, beginning with the Los Angeles coffeehouse scene of the late '50s and '60s, Rolfe roamed the underground, writing extensively of his own unique and endearing vision of things. He has written for and worked at publications such as the Los Angeles Free Press, the Los Angeles Times, the Daily News, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and Psychology Today. He was often nationally syndicated in major newspapers across the country and anthologized in important books such as Unknown California: Classic and Contemporary Writing on California Culture, Society, History and Politics (Macmillan) and On Bohemia: The Code of the Self-Exiled (Transaction ). His unlikely musical world also includes such giants as Woody Guthrie, Janis Joplin, Darius Milhaud, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco; Gregor Piatigorsky, Joseph Szigeti, Earl 'Father' Hines, Arnold Schoenberg, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGee and Hoyt Axton. But music is not the only thing. As author of the classic Literary L.A. (Chronicle Books) and In Search of Literary L.A. (California Classics Books), his literary musings range from William Blake to Laura Huxley, Romain Rolland, Mark Twain, Jack London, Truman Capote, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Jack Hirschman, Upton Sinclair, Thomas Mann, Howard Fast, Charles Bukowski, George Sterling, Stu Perkoff, Malcolm Lowry, Carl Sandburg and his godmother Willa Cather. As a journalist, he has written with intimate knowledge about such folks as Cleveland Amory, Scott Newhall, Herb Caen, Slim Connelly, Warren Hinckle, Art Kunkin and General Harrison Gray Otis, founder of the Los Angeles Times. His political coverage is massive, from Abba Eban, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon to Jim Garrison and the Kennedys, Col. William Gale, Gerald L.K. Smith and Tommy Valentine. In the meanwhile, folks like Ed Asner, Ed Sullivan, Oliver Stone and Tony Palmer are among the names that populate his Hollywood narrative. These tales collectively rip the masks off the politics, culture and society of the last four decades of the 20th century. Rolfe has developed a personal and compelling vision of things, full of larger-than-life citizens, doing, fighting, screwing, oppressing, liberating, and just being. You will meet some strangely shadowy figures in this book, but also some beautiful visionaries. And it all adds up to blinding revelations about our times.
From: Nigey Lennon (Jan 1998) California Classics Books PO Box 29756 Los Angeles CA 90026 213/413-8400/F: 213/484-6100 e-mail: calclass@wavenet.com Cal Class Authors Pen Book On Homeopathic Remedies For Immediate Release: For author interviews, call 213-664-9351 For review copies, contact: Tom Hirsch 203-966-8721 ex. 16 or Peggy Sweeney at ex. 12 California Classics Books founders and specialists in exhaustive historical research Lionel Rolfe and Nigey Lennon are the authors of a new book about homeopathic medicine. Nature's 12 Magic Healers a guide to the cell salt system of homeopathy, has just been released by Keats Publishing, Inc., of New Canaan, Connecticut. Both Rolfe and Lennon bring unique resources and interests to the project. Rolfe was for many years a contributor to health publications such as Let's Live magazine, as well as being the staff writer for the medical segments of NBC News' Dr. Art Ulene. His mother, musician Yaltah Menuhin, whom he chronicled in his book,The Menuhins: A Family Odyssey and the forthcoming Fat Man on the Left: Four Decades in the Underground, was responsible for introducing him to the concepts behind holistic medicine and to homeopathy specifically. He is also author of the much acclaimed classic, In Search of Literary L.A. As a historian and biographer with a special interest in the 19th century, Lennon has given much thought to the history of homeopathy, which began in Europe in the mid-19th century. In her biography The Sagebrush Bohemian: Mark Twain in California, she describes how Mark Twain's pro-homeopathic stance affected his health during his lifetime. A musician as well as a writer, Lennon's most recent book is Being Frank: My Time with Frank Zappa. Nature's 12 Magic Healers is written in a clear, concise style, interweaving fascinating case histories with specific information on how the reader can utilize the twelve cell salt remedies for intelligent self-care. The combination of practical information and historical research makes for a book that is both useful and entertaining.
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